Vertex Plastics, Inc.
   825 North Grove Street
   P.O.Box 456
   Kearney, MO 64060
   Voice: 816.635.6727
   Fax: 816.635.4602


Vertex Plastics, Inc.


Our special Vertex process produces shelters with a unique design and special features. Because we use advanced design , materials and production techniques, our shelters are known for:

  • High strength-to-weight ratio - Our shelters use fiberglass and polyurethane rigid foam in a unique monocoque design creating a solid yet lightweight durable structure.
  • Practically maintenance free - Gel-coated fiberglass wall and roof surfaces, corrosion resistant stainless steel door hardware, hot-dip galvanized steel floor beam assembly, and a moisture-protected sandwich panel floor.
  • Durable - Life span of Vertex shelters should be measured in decades. Our monocoque composite material construction is flexible and tough. Repairs can be easily accomplished with equal performance to the original construction.
  • Environmental control - The basic shelters are air tight and have a low heat transfer coefficient. Temperature conditions can be maintained at a relatively low cost.
  • Economical - Vertex shelters compare favorably in purchase price with other choices.
  • Adaptable - Adaptable to requirements.

For a look at the advanced design, materials and production techniques that sets a Vertex structure apart, click here.